Ads are a vital source of revenue of online companies and services. We recently saw Pinterest announce its own ad offering; such endeavors allow these companies and services to be sustainable and grow more in the future. Foursquare has jumped into the fray too, today it announced the launch of Foursquare Ads, a self-serve tools that business owners can use to propel their businesses in front of people who’re nearby, but possibly unaware about them.


Foursquare says that it has built its ads offering to be “simple and flexible,” borrowing for its relationships with more than 1.5 million claimed businesses as well as four years worth of data. Merchants who want to advertise through Foursquare just need to go to its ads website and create their ad. They can choose a photo of their space, offer a special for customers or even highlight a tip that a customer left behind and then push the ad to people who live nearby after setting a monthly budget. Ads will be displayed in the Explore tab and the Home screen of Foursquare’s mobile applications. Merchants will only pay when a customer taps on something in the ad or if they claim an offer at the merchant’s business. Merchants will also be given detailed insights about the campaign, with data on the number of people who tapped on the ad and those who came into the business to claim an offer.

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