BlackBerry’s future is uncertain at this point in time. The company is up for sale, and it has received a $4.7 billion non-binding buyout offer from Fairfax Financial Holdings, its largest shareholder. Still, there’s a lot of speculation about exactly how the sale will go down. Some analysts believe Fairfax might come back with a lower bid after it has conducted its due diligence. Others believe that BlackBerry is actively seeking other buyers, and that it has seeked expressions of interest from the likes of Intel, Google and Samsung. The latest report from Wall Street Journal reveals that Lenovo just might be interested as well.

Not much is known about Lenovo’s BlackBerry plans at this point in time. The Chinese company itself hasn’t confirmed anything. It was recently tied to a purported buyout of HTC, that hasn’t been confirmed as well. BlackBerry hasn’t commented on this report, though its free to seek other buyers until November 4th, that’s when Fairfax will return with a final bid after having conducting its due diligence and raising the funds required. Lenovo isn’t the only one that’s suddenly seems to have gained interest in the ailing Canadian manufacturer. The company’s co-founders have also formally disclosed their intent to participate in a buyout. Lets see what happens, November 4th isn’t that far off any way.

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