machinimaNow here is some good news for those of you who have already dropped good money for the Xbox One, waiting for it to launch later this coming November. It has been announced that Machinima will roll out an “exclusive experience” on the Xbox One this November 22nd, and in a video that is depicted in the link at the end of the story, it demonstrated how Machinima will make use of Xbox One Snap in order to deliver a great Snap experience that they have dubbed as the “Machinima Wingman.”


This will be a new and improved Machinima app, where it will gleefully take advantage of the Xbox One platform capabilities so that gamers will be able to enjoy an unparalleled experience that cannot be found anywhere else – or so it is claimed. The Xbox 360 experience has ranked as one of the most popular and highest performing apps on the platform to date, so the Machinima team is highly excited when it comes to delivering more of the same – albeit better experiences, with the Xbox One. I guess for all of us regular gamers, words cannot describe the experience well enough, even after watching the video, as it has to be something that one will need to sit through him or herself to get the full gist of it. [Press Release]

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