mazda-shakin-racer[CEATEC 2013] All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and the folks over at Mazda have definitely realized that. Sure, they are pretty serious with their Mazda Connect system as well as Heads Up Cockpit, but there also needs to be a balance of play as well, and this comes in the form of the Shakin’ Racer smartphone app. There really isn’t that much to it other than the fact that the Shakin ‘ Racer app would make full use of the gyroscope in your mobile device to detect just how much vibration it is experiencing at the moment.

Up to 4 visitors to the Mazda booth were handed out smartphones with the app preloaded, and the “racecourse” was projected onto a large screen so that everyone is able to have a bird’s eye view of the entire situation. Once the light turned green, it signalled the moment to burn some of the proverbial rubber on the asphalt! That would involved a healthy amount of vigorous shaking using your hand, and it is a race of endurance as well as strength, so make sure you have had a breakfast for champions before giving it a go! I am quite sure that there is an optimal way to figure out just how much shaking is required to hit top speed.

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