monsieurAre robots about to take over the world? I suppose you could more or less say so, as they have already played a large role in places such as factories, doing highly repetitive tasks without ever getting tired or having to ask for some time off, or to even organize a strike simply because it does not have enough grease around its motors. Perhaps they might also replace your regular bartender at the local watering hole, as evidenced by Monsieur, a robotic bartender. The Monsieur happens to be a machine which will learn of one’s moods as well as preferences over time in order to concoct the ‘perfect’ cocktail.

This is the result of a company which happens to be known as Monsieur as well, and right now, this particular robotic bartender is trying to sniff out $100,000 on Kickstarter. Just like a human bartender, the Monsieur is able to come up with a smart recommendations depending on one’s preferences, and you can even take advantage of a smartphone app so that you can place an order for a drink remotely. I guess there is one major drawback of the Monsieur, no matter how fantastic its mix of cocktails can be – it does not offer you a shoulder to cry on when you have had a particularly rough day.

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