nec-face-recognition[CEATEC 2013] NEC claims that their face recognition technology on display at the CEATEC 2013 showfloor happens to be the one with the highest precision rate in the world, although we have also seen Omron’s offering that does seem to work pretty well, guessing your age at the same time (the ladies might not like that so much, actually). Well, NEC’s face recognition technology is known as the NeoFace, where it is touted to be precise enough to see action across a wide range of applications, from office level going all the way to national level security controls.

That secure, huh? NEC’s booth also did demonstrate how their face recognition technology comes in handy where security is concerned, making use of what they call a “Bio Key” which will open up a door once it detects the actual face. I’m taking a guess that the Z-axis will be included here so that no one will be able to fool the system with a photo of someone else. This would also come in handy as a mobile device security measure, where smartphones and tablets will now unlock only for the rightful owner. Again, it has not been tested to the point where there is a ready and willing market who want to implement it in new hardware, so time will tell if the NeoFace technology will remain in the domain of corporations and enterprises as well as governments, instead of being used across the mass market.

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