sony-4k-oled[CEATEC 2013] Want some retina burning adventures? You will definitely have your fair share with different manufacturers rolling out 4K TVs over here at CEATEC 2013. Of course, not all of these are ready to roll off the production lines since some of them are still concepts and prototypes, just like what Sony has with their 56” 4K OLED TV prototype. Granted, Mitsubishi too, has one of those 4K prototypes, except that their model comes with a laser backlight and is larger too, at 65” across diagonally.

So, what does Sony’s 4K OLED TV prototype have to offer? It basically realizes 4K resolution by using the latest oxide semiconductor TFTs, which is accompanied by Sony’s proprietary ‘Super Top Emission’ technologies. This particular prototype is said to be more than capable of delivering the entire gamut of features that one would normally expect from OLED TVs, including high contrast, brightness, rapid response and wide viewing angles. To see all of those appear on a large-size 4K resolution panel is the dream of many a geek, and right now even if it is released in the market, chances are it will be priced too far out of reach for the average consumer. Just how high do you think the sweet spot is for large screen TVs? Is Full HD good enough for you, or do you think that 4K TVs are the bomb?

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