Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 2 just a few weeks ago during an exclusive launch event in New York City. Since its unveiling, the Surface Pro 2 has gone to sell out of its 128GB version just weeks after it was announced, leaving many to look to higher-capacity versions of the tablet. Unfortunately, if you’re considering buying the Surface Pro 2 in either 256GB or 512GB, you’ll be waiting for quite some time as Microsoft currently estimates those models will ship by December 15.

The Surface Pro 2 is expected to be released on October 22, along with the Surface 2 with both devices having been available for pre-order since September 24. Shipping times for each Surface Pro 2 have fluctuated since then, with the 64GB version shipping by October 21 and the 128GB version shipping by October 25. This leads us to believe either the higher-capacity Surface Pro 2s have become way more popular than the lower-capacity tablets or Microsoft hasn’t built enough of the high-capacity Surface Pro 2s to meet with demand.

As for the Surface 2, that tablet is currently available in two versions: 32GB and 64GB. Both variants of the Surface 2 are currently expected to ship by October 25. So it looks like your best bet to get a new Surface in your home on the day it launches is probably to go with a 64GB Surface Pro 2 since they’ll ship on October 21.

[Update: Just to clarify, the December 15 shipping date for the 256GB and 512GB Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is based on orders that are made from this moment on. The new shipping dates shouldn’t affect those of you who already have pre-ordered the tablet in the past.]

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