Finding out the time is as easy as simply looking at your phone, watch, computer or any other device equipped with a clock, which can make planning out your daily activities a ton easier. But what if there was a watch that could predict how much time you have left before you kick the bucket? We’re not sure why you’d want such a device, but for those who need to know when their time is going to be up, the Tikker has got you covered.

The way Tikker works is by having the owner fill out a questionnaire, which will deduct your current age from its results. The watch will then predict when your end will come, although don’t go making any last minute plans when Tikker says your time is coming to an end since it won’t be able to actually predict when you’ll die, just an assumed time.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to countdown when they’re going to die, you can support Tikkeer’s project as they’re currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter. To get your own Tikker, all you have to do is pledge $39, which is pretty cheap considering it’s going to tell you when you’re going to friggin die.

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