Apple-sign-logo110712125041There have been rumors floating about for a while that suggests that Apple has an iWatch in the works along with a television set that will supposedly revolutionize the market, but so far those have only been rumors with no evidence suggesting that such devices were indeed being worked on. However speaking during Apple’s Q4 earnings call, the Cupertino company’s CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed that Apple was still planning on introducing new product categories in 2014. Cook was quoted as saying that they are confident that with Apple’s experience in software and hardware that they will be able to create “great products” in categories that they do not participate in today, and wearable electronics and televisions do come to mind.

Granted this is hardly a confirmation that an iWatch and iTV exists, it certainly does sound like Apple has something up their sleeves which they have yet to reveal. Previously Apple’s board of directors had told Cook to be more innovative and hopefully come 2014, these new categories will indeed show that Apple does have the potential to be considered innovative again post-Steve Jobs, but until then we guess we will just have to wait and see, but in the meantime who else is excited by these new product categories?

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