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Investor Carl Icahn Convinced That Apple Is Still Building TV Set
Rumors of Apple building their own TV set have been floating about for years, although it was recently revealed that Apple had reportedly shelved the project as they were unable to create a device that was compelling enough to break into the already-competitive TV market. However it seems that investor Carl Icahn believes otherwise and is convinced that the rumored TV set from Apple is still in the works.In an […]

Apple’s Plans For Their Rumored TV Set Was Cancelled A Year Ago
Remember there was a point in time where thanks to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs that there were rumors flying about that Apple was planning on creating their own TV? That was several years ago and fast forward to today, the rumored “iTV” is still nowhere in sight. As it turns out it is because the project had been nixed more than a year ago.This is according to a […]

Apple Rumored To Be Testing 65-inch Display Panels For iTV
Ever since Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Steve Jobs hit the market, there have been talks that Apple could be working on an “iTV” of their own. The reports stem from a quote in the book in which Steve Jobs claims to have “cracked” the TV market. However apart from that, we haven’t seen any evidence that Apple is indeed working on such a device.That hasn’t stopped the rumors […]

Apple Stepping Up Camera Efforts In Recent Job Listings
Apple’s iPhones have typically been known for their cameras and for the ability to capture great photos. Obviously one cannot compare iPhone photos to that of a proper camera, but as far as smartphone cameras are concerned, they are surprisingly pretty good.Of course there are certain areas in which Apple is lacking, such as optical image stabilization and low-light photography, just to name a few areas in which their competitors […]


Apple Job Listing Hints At 'New Platforms'
Apple CEO Tim Cook has said more than a couple of times that the company is working on a new crop of products. Only recently Cook said that Apple will branch into new product categories later this year, some believe that the company might finally jump on the wearable device bandwagon. Customers are certainly waiting for Apple to launch an entirely new product, something that’s not just a refreshed iteration of […]

Tim Cook Hints At New Product Categories
When you think of Apple, probably a few key gadgets come to mind, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players (although the iPod does appear to be on the decline). That being said these are a handful of product categories that Apple is in at the moment and while it might not be as much compared to other companies, say like Samsung or LG who have dived into home […]

Analyst Believes Apple Might Have Delayed iTV Launch Up To Two Years
For the past few months there have been a lot of rumors about the iTV making the rounds. Apple’s much rumored full fledged HDTV set is nowhere to be seen, the company itself hasn’t detailed its TV plans as yet. Recently we picked up on an analyst prediction that the iTV isn’t going to be released in 2014 as originally anticipated, and that the company will focus on wearable devices […]

Curved Apple iTV Concept Will Make You Want One
We’ve all heard the rumors of Apple developing a full fledged HDTV set time and time again, but so far no concrete proof has emerged. The company itself hasn’t said if it has any plans of entering the TV market, though CEO Tim Cook did say a month back that the company will enter new product categories in 2014. Some take that as a sign that the “iTV” is coming […]

Apple Reportedly Delays iTV Launch Beyond 2014
Apple has long been rumored to be working on a full fledged TV set, but so far nothing has materialized except rumors. There have been no sightings of the TV in the wild, and we haven’t seen any parts of components being leaked. It is widely believed that Apple might release the “iTV” in 2014, but a new report from DisplaySearch suggests otherwise. It claims that Apple has delayed iTV […]

Tim Cook Confirms New Product Categories For 2014
There have been rumors floating about for a while that suggests that Apple has an iWatch in the works along with a television set that will supposedly revolutionize the market, but so far those have only been rumors with no evidence suggesting that such devices were indeed being worked on. However speaking during Apple’s Q4 earnings call, the Cupertino company’s CEO, Tim Cook, confirmed that Apple was still planning on […]

Apple Television Rumored For Late 2014 Launch, Could Cost $1,500-$2,500
Over the past year or so, we have heard the countless rumors about Apple’s alleged iTV, which is an actual television device versus the “Apple TV” gadget. Last we heard, analyst Brian White stated that his sources have revealed to him that the device could be launching next year, and now according to a new report by analyst Masahiko Ishino as reported by Bloomberg, that does indeed appear to be […]

Retina iPad Mini And Apple iTV Might Come Next Year [Analyst]
Lately there has been all sorts of speculation about upcoming Apple products. The next products expected to come out of Cupertino include new iPads, a smartwatch and a full fledged television set. Previous rumors suggest that the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 with Retina Display might be unveiled on October 15th, though recent reports claim that Retina iPad mini might not be announced until 2014. Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White, […]

iWatch Might Be Apple's Much Rumored TV Set
Apple is rumored to be working on its own smartwatch which is widely known as the iWatch. What if we were to consider that the iWatch isn’t exactly a smartwatch, but instead its the name for the company’s much rumored full fledged TV set. Apple has shown obvious interest in the TV market, in an interview with NBC back in 2012, CEO TIm Cook said that TV is “an area […]

Apple Reportedly In Talks With Networks Over Content For Its TV Set
Apple has long been rumored to be working on a full fledged TV set. The company hasn’t said if it plans on entering the TV market with a product of its own, though many analysts are of the view that Apple may release its TV set next year. The company is reportedly negotiating with networks and production studios over content for the TV. ESPN, HBO and Viacom are named among the […]