Valve’s Steam service is popular, anyone who has a tiny bit of interest in gaming news is aware of that, but the company has revealed today just how popular it really is. Valve has announced that Steam now boasts more than 65 million users around the globe, and that the service has seen a 30 percent increase over the past year alone, that’s 15 million new accounts in one year. Steam has more users than Xbox Live, which according to Microsoft is used by 48 million people.

Steam is still far off from the impressive 110 million people that Sony’s PlayStation Network has to its name, but Valve’s service has continued to hold its ground and even gain substantially over the past year. This year also marks Steam’s 10 year anniversary of providing distribution and sales services to gamers. It now offers more than 3,000 games and software titles to its more than 65 million users. The company also details its plans for next year, it plans to expand Steam’s services and offerings by conducting Steam Developer Days in Seattle, Washington in January, 2014. Valve’s announcement of Steam’s impressive user stats comes shortly after the company unveiled its effort to push into the living room, an effort that includes SteamOS, Steam Controller and Steam Machines.

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