xiaomi-logoThese days we are starting to see smartwatches become the norm to the point where even kids versions of such devices have been created. Now word on the street has it that Chinese company, Xiaomi, has their own smartwatch in the works that could be made by Millet. Naturally Xiaomi has yet to make an official announcement of sorts, but the rumors are suggesting that smartwatch could be made by the Millet company, and could see a price tag that is significantly lower than other smartwatches available in the market today. As it stands the Pebble smartwatch is being sold for $150, while the Samsung Galaxy Gear is priced at a more expensive $299.

Based on those prices it is unclear as to what “significantly lower” could mean, but basically we’re taking it to mean that it will be affordable. As far as hardware specifications are concerned, not much is known about the device for now but it is expected to run on the same MIUI interface that has been preinstalled on other Xiaomi devices in the past. In any case what do you guys think? Are smartwaches the next big thing, or are companies simply capitalizing on the hype and trend?

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