bbmEmoticons are used daily when we chat over instant messenger, with some messengers coming bundled with their own set of emoticons instead of relying on third-party alternatives. BBM is one of them and the messenger platform has had its own set of emoticons that they have been using for a while now. However if you think that some of the emoticons are dated, or perhaps could use a couple of new ones since the old ones don’t really express how you feel, you’re in luck because BlackBerry is now calling for users to submit their ideas for new BBM emoticons!

According to the post on Facebook, BlackBerry is asking users to submit their ideas by leaving a detailed description of what they have in mind in a message replying to the post. Unfortunately it does not look like they’re accepting files at the moment, so graphic designers will have to describe what it is they have in mind. If you don’t have an idea of your own, BlackBerry has suggested that you like some of the posts whose idea you think makes sense. This deadline for submissions is set for the 20th of November, so if you’d like the chance to see your emoticon idea incorporated into BBM, time to start brainstorming!

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