Over the past few months we have reported about several incidents in which people used counterfeit iPhone chargers only to get injured or worse, lose their lives. Counterfeit chargers are widespread particular in the South East Asia region, and the latest report of a similar incident comes in from Thailand. A 28 year old man in the Chanthaburi province of Thailand was found dead clutching an iPhone 4S which was plugged into a wall socket through an unofficial charger. The man’s chest and left hand reportedly had scorch marks, and so did the device itself.

The charger seen in the photo accompanying this incident’s report doesn’t look like an official iPhone charger, and while it is suspected that electrocution might be the cause of death, authorities aren’t ruling out any other factors until the autopsy report comes in. Previously several reports have come in from China of people being electrocuted because they used counterfeit chargers. This lead to Apple posting a warning on its Chinese website, telling users how they can spot an original charger from a fake one. It goes without saying that one must never take chances with counterfeit or fake chargers. The original one might cost a bit more, but when it comes to paying for it with your life, you’ll definitely be better off spending those few extra dollars. [Image via Neowin]

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