google-glass-developer-invitationWhen Google originally announced Glass, it was available to a handful of individuals, unsurprising given that it was more like a beta test rather than a full-fledged rollout. While Glass has yet to make its way into the hands of consumers around the world, it looks like Google is expanding the availability of the device and has recently started to send out invites to developers, inviting them to the Glass program and asking if they would be interested in purchasing the device for themselves.

According to those who have received the invite, the price of Glass is still set at $1,500 which was the original price back then, but here’s hoping that Google will lower it upon its release as $1,500 would definitely put it out of reach for a lot of people.

In any case it is unclear as to the scale of this new Explorer program, but as it stands developers will still need to be invited to participate in it as opposed to freely buying the device from Google directly. So, who else is excited that Google Glass is starting to rollout on a wider scale? More importantly anyone planning on getting their hands on one upon its release?

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