google_signYou might have heard earlier about how Facebook had reportedly tried to buy Snapchat for a whopping $3 billion, an offer which many are still wondering why Snapchat decided to turn down. As it turns out Facebook was not alone when it came to showing interest in the app, and according to a tweet by GigaOm founder, Om Malik, he reported on a rumor that he had heard on how Google had also attempted to buy Snapchat and that the search giant actually managed to outbid Facebook by offering up an eye-watering $4 billion instead.

Google’s plan for Snapchat was basically to leave it as it is, and keep it as a standalone app much like how Facebook did with Instagram. Unfortunately despite being offered so much money, Snapchat’s CEO, Eva Spiegel, was reported to have decided to turn both offers down because he believed that at the rate Snapchat was growing, it would be valued much higher further down the road. Was this a wise move by Spiegel to turn down $4 billion from Google? Hopefully it is, and hopefully this will not be the story of how Friendster was offered $30 million by Google but turned it down, and eventually faded away in obscurity.

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