jabra-up24Jawbone, famous for their Aliph headset, also has had their fair share of downs in the past. For instance, there were at least a couple of instances where a fitness tracker was finally rolled out that did not break after just a few days’ of usage. Apart from that, there were at least a trio of generations of fitness trackers before one was actually produced which could actually synchronize users’ sleep and activity data without having to plug it in. We are glad to say that with their latest Jawbone Up24, this comes in the form of a fitness tracker which is capable of synchronizing sans any wires. This would definitely be a whole lot more convenient experience, which is a U-turn from previous Jawbone “policy” that stubbornly refused wireless synchronization in the past.

Jawbone has also released version 3.0 of its iOS app, where within it will include several features which will only function on the new Up24. Imagine receiving live notifications that allow y to meet your fitness goals. Apart from that, since the Jawbone Up24 will also function via Bluetooth connectivity, you are able to set a vibrating “Smart Alarm” when using the app. The app itself is also compatible majority with the old Up band, just so you know.

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