Just a couple of days back we reported that the Federal Aviation Administration has finally lifted restrictions that were previously in place, restrictions regarding use of personal electronic devices during certain phases of the flight. The decision comes after a 28 member advisory panel recommended the FAA to lift restrictions on use of personal electronic devices during takeoff, landing and taxiing. JetBlue and Delta have become the first airlines to allow their passengers to use their devices from gate-to gate.

Airlines have to put in their applications for approval to the FAA, and both Delta and JetBlue have received said approval. Passengers flying on these two airlines can now continue to use their e-readers, tablets as well as other personal electronic devices from the moment they board the plane till the moment they have to exit the aircraft after landing. American Airlines has said that it will move to quickly adopt these new policies, but it is yet to receive the FAA’s approval. The relaxation in restrictions means that every airline can develop their own policy with regards to the use of personal electronic devices, though they’ll have to detail new training for flight attendants. So now, you no longer have to wait for the aircraft to reach cruising altitude before you’re allowed to continue reading that page-turner on your e-reader. [Image via ABCNews]

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