nokia-lumia-1520-review-8A few years ago, many were surprised by Nokia’s decision to throw their lot in with Microsoft and their Windows Phone platform. Symbian was obviously fading, and fast, and MeeGo on the Nokia N9 was a one-time deal for whatever reason, leaving Windows Phone and Android open as options. Android was the more obvious choice given the fact that it would be free for use, and how it is more popular, although it seems that Samsung’s dominance might have been a bit of a put-off. In any case fast forward to 2013 and according to recent numbers released by AdDuplex, it has been found that Nokia commands a whopping 90% of the Windows Phone market.

Basically this means that almost every Windows Phone out there today is a Nokia Lumia handset, and given that Nokia’s numbers in 2013 had them at 76%, this is a pretty impressive jump, demonstrating how Nokia has clearly dominated the Windows Phone market. To that end it is not surprising that Microsoft would want a piece of that action, where they would be able to control not just the software, but the hardware side of things as well, just like what Apple is doing with their iOS devices, and what Google is trying to do with their Nexus phones and tablets as well.

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