Samsung and Intel have been working on Tizen for quite some time, the OS will run on a widely variety of devices, the first being a camera. Earlier this year it was rumored that Samsung will release its first Tizen powered smartphone in a few months, it was then rumored that the release has been delayed until late 2013. The year is now nearing its end and there’s still no Tizen smartphone. Recent reports suggest that Samsung has delayed the smartphone until next year, and its not known when it will come out in 2014. Local media reports coming in from Korea claim that NTT DoCoMo, a major Japanese carrier, is pushing Samsung to finally release the first Tizen smartphone as early as January, 2014.

The carrier is a major backer of the Tizen foundation, so it would make sense if its getting frustrated by the repeated delays. Though it remains to be seen though if the pressure it is mounting on Samsung will have any effect on the release of the first Tizen smartphone. Samsung has already said that the first Tizen device will be a camera and that the smartphone will follow later. It has also detailed plans for a smart TV, which will come after the smartphone has finally been released.

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