Google has still not revealed when it plans on releasing Google Glass to the public. So far only a select few have been able to purchase units, they’re called “Explorers.” Though the company has ramped up production as it is now allowing every Explorer to invite three people to the Glass program, which enables them to purchase a unit as well. Google has also said that prescription lens support will be added to Google Glass, but it hasn’t said what its going to do that. While Google continues to make us guess, Rochester Optical has stepped up to the plate.

Rochester Optical has been around for nearly 8 decades and it recently hired Tim Moore, a wearable technology “pioneer,” as the director of technology. Moore doesn’t say exactly how Rochester’s prescription frames will work with Glass, but he says that the company is more than capable of doing it. He also says that the frames will be more stylish and “not cyborgish,” meaning that they will be wearable even when they’re not attached to Glass. The first round of prescription frames will be geared towards nearsighted people, and they’re expected to be released in January 2014. These prescription frames aren’t expected to cost more than a comparable pair of conventional glasses. Moore says that Rochester is working on contrasting designs that are “fashionable and trendy,” while the company will also offer colors that are similar to that of Glass.

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