As it stands, there are speakers and systems already available in the market support WiFi streaming from mobile devices to speakers, allowing you to adjust your music’s volume or playback wherever you are in the house, and change songs when you feel like it without having to get up and to go the computer or to your hi-fi. Of course some of these systems require you to buy new speakers that are compatible for such wireless streaming, but what if you had a pair of really old, but amazing speakers that you’d rather not give up? That’s pretty much where the ROCKI WiFi Music System comes into play.

ROCKI consists of the ROCKI “PLAY” device that allows you to plug into your speaker’s input and acts as a WiFi receiver. Then there is also the app which allows you to connect your phone to the device which in turn allows you to stream your songs wirelessly, and that’s pretty much it! According to its creators, the ROCKI PLAY device does not discriminate between speakers, so it should play nicely with pretty much all types of speakers as long as it is able to input into it. Users will also be able to set permissions to allow multiple users to access the ROCKI PLAY device. As it stands ROCKI is a Kickstarter project and is seeking funding for $50,000.

At this time of writing they have managed to raise close to $35,000 which means there is a very good chance that it might succeed. For more information check out the video above or head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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