Warfare in the past was a gruesome affair. Back in the day, there was no such thing as unmanned aerial vehicles that will go out on bombing runs to soften up the enemy’s back lines before sending in the tanks, while footsoldiers would only come in handy during select situations where machines are unable to get the job done, such as door-to-door searches and the like. Imagine a hack and slash environment back when Rome was at its peak, and if you were to retire from the army after years of faithful service, you would have been deemed to be extremely lucky not to head off to Elysium earlier. Ryse: Son of Rome, is an Xbox One title that many are looking forward to, and its latest launch trailer is definitely not something everyone would enjoy since it depicts dismemberment of limbs in at least two sequences.

Needless to say, it was most probably a staple during that time for Roman legionnaires to cut through their enemies in this manner, as it was a “kill or be killed” environment. How many people expected to see limbs come flying off in the trailer? It could very well have been a snippet from the 300 movie, except that it was set in a different era.

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