Google rolled out a new updateto YouTube’s commenting system that would better integrate the popular streaming video service along with Google+. As you’d expect, the change has been met with many critics of the change, but Conan O’Brien is one person who certainly is enjoying these changes as he likes the fact people will now be required to use their real names when leaving comments.

Unfortunately, Conan’s support of the change certainly dwindles a bit after some YouTube commenters invade his audience. While Conan is trying to discuss the changes to YouTube, several YouTube commenters sitting in the show’s audience begin yelling out random comments they would probably make on Conan’s YouTube account, which just so happens to be “ConeBone69.” A number of commenters yell out their messages that pertain to the show, although several others just end up yelling completely nonsensical comments that are completely off topic. Yep – Conan accurately captured what YouTube comments tend to be.


The YouTube comments segment takes a weird turn at the end, but for the most part, it’s pretty funny how ridiculous people would sound if they spoke the way they do in YouTube comments. People would also be easily seen as being more jerks than anything.

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