Earlier this year there was a lot of buzz about a wearable device that Samsung was going to launch. The Korean giant then unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch back in September. It only works with few of the company’s own devices, Samsung has not said as yet if it plans on opening up its smartwatch to other Android devices as well. China’s ZTE has already confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch and the company’s head of handset marketing strategy, Lu Qianhao, tells the Wall Street Journal that ZTE’s smartwatch will offer same technological features as the Galaxy Gear.

However, ZTE aims to get a leg up on Samsung by keep prices in check. Galaxy Gear, which carries a $299 price tag, has reportedly not sold well in the market presumably due to its high price. Qianhao says that ZTE will unveil its smartwatch in the first quarter of 2014 and it will release it in the following quarter, albeit only in China. Like the Galaxy Gear, the Chinese manufacturer’s smartwatch will be exclusive to its devices as well, however that won’t stop the company from expanding into U.S. and European markets where its smartphones aren’t that popular. The upcoming wearable gadget doesn’t have a name as yet. The company might release additional smartwatches in the future which will work with most Android devices, couple that with a low price and the company just might see some consumer interest. ZTE is seriously looking into wearable technology, Qianhao says that they’re considering Google Glass like smart glasses and even shoes connected with smartphones for healthcare purposes.

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