injectable-vaccinesSome time ago, we talked about how a woman decided to get creative by implanting a platinum heart into her eyeball as a fashion statement of sorts, which certainly did not go down well with certain quarters. After all, having something invade our bodies is not an experience that most folks would be comfortable with, and the needle is also a fearful thing to face for some of us. However, there are times when vaccines are necessary, but what if there was a new kind of technology that does away with injections? Scientists at the University of Minnesota are currently working on a new vaccine implant which will deliver all the vaccines you need based on a time release format, which means there are no more trips to the doctor for shots down the road.

The vaccine would be administered via a small tablet that has been been implanted in your arm beforehand, which means you will still need to face the needle – but at least only once instead of multiple times. After that, you would receive a prescription for a bunch of pills that are required to be consumed based on specific days so that the correct vaccine dose will be activated. Each time a pill is swallowed, the implant in your arm would then release a different vaccine dose, all the way until the entire routine is complete. Once done, the implant would dissolve by itself.

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