It has been over a month since both Sony and Microsoft released their next generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The demand still remains high with retailers trying their best to have inventory on hand so that customers can be catered to. Earlier this month a GameStop was robbed in Indianapolis, the robbers asked for all Xbox One units but since that store was sold out, they went away with PS4s. This week, yet another GameStop was robbed in Indianapolis with 15 Xbox One units being taken away.

Two men entered the store, one brandishing a “long silver revolver,” and the other a black semi-automatic pistol. Three employees, four customers and the manager were then taken to a storage room where their hands were tied with zip-tires. The robbers then took 15 Xbox One units, some cash from the store and a victim’s wallet after stomping on their phone. So far no arrests have been made and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police is conducting an investigation. Its easy to comprehend why there have been such robberies ever since the consoles were announced. With supplies remaining tight, the consoles can be sold for inflated prices online, there is no shortage of people who are willing to pay extra just to be able to get their hands on the new console.

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