iphone-4-siriOne of the cooler aspects of the Moto X is the fact that the phone is always listening to you. Paranoia, invasion of privacy, and government spying allegations aside, this is an incredibly handy feature as it does not require you to wake up the phone to use it or to perform simple tasks. Well it looks like Apple might have such an idea too, except that instead of a phone, it will be a dock. According to the patent, it describes a “smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device.” So similar to the Moto X, this smart dock will be always listening to you and will look out for particular commands to activate it, such as “OK Siri” or something to that effect.

If there’s one drawback to Siri it is that it requires you to activate it, which is either to lift the phone to your ear, or press and hold the home button. This feels less efficient compared to the Moto X and to Android 4.4 KitKat in the Nexus 5 which allows you to activate Google’s voice search by saying “OK Google” from the home screen. Assuming this smart dock is an actual product that Apple is working on, rather than just one of the many ideas the Cupertino company has, we can imagine how useful it will be. What do you guys think? Is this an iPhone dock you could get on board with?

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