Those who are looking to eat good in their very own neighborhood may have stumbled onto Applebee’s, which is a restaurant that promises those two very things most people look for in restaurants. Ordering your food at Applebee’s may get a little easier as the restaurant chain has announced they will install nearly 100,000 tablets at select restaurants across the U.S. at over 1,800 locations in 2014 that will assist patrons in ordering their grub.

The new Presto tablets will be supplied by Applebee’s partner E la Carte and will allow customers to flip through their menu to order additional items to their meal and even pay their bill, which is certainly something those of us who were trying to catch a film will certainly appreciate. Unfortunately, the actual process of ordering food will still require some kind of human interaction as physical menus will still be given, and your order will be given to your waiter.

In addition to allowing you to add items to your meal and paying your bill, the tablets will also act as a jukebox and will even offer paid games, which will come in handy when you just can’t stand sharing a meal with certain people at your table.

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