If you use a bicycle on a daily basis, you know just how much energy can be harnessed from simply riding your bike, although many of us just use them to get from point A to point B. That’s all about to change as a startup based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts has began selling its Copenhagen Wheel that may introduce new ways for bike riders to use their favorite mode of transportation.

Superpedestrian has began selling its Copenhagen Wheel today which is a rear wheel for bicycles that can convert energy it receives from the rider’s braking and during descents into a boost riders can use when they find they need to ride uphill or just travel faster.

The way the Copenhagen Wheel is able to do this is through a lithium-ion battery that is able to recharge itself automatically through downhill rides or each time the bicycle’s pedals are turned a quarter. The wheel automatically adjusts itself to how the rider rides as it knows based on the topography ahead when the rider will need support from the wheel.

The Copenhagen Wheel is available for $699 for a single-gear configuration for mountain bike and road bike wheel sizes. Additional gear support will be made available in the future, and of course, will increase the price of the Copenhagen Wheel.

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