dish signA couple of years ago, AT&T failed to acquire T-Mobile not because T-Mobile did not want to play ball, but rather because there were too many opposing the merger due to worries about AT&T and T-Mobile monopolizing the market. However according to recent reports, it seems that Sprint could be thinking about acquiring the carrier themselves, which some have speculated to be a mere trial balloon as opposed to a concrete offering, and now according to Reuters, they are claiming that Dish could be interested in getting their hands on T-Mobile as well.

It seems that Dish’s failure to beat out Softbank to acquire Sprint has resulted in the company eyeing T-Mobile as a viable alternative, and have apparently spoken to T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, about it. While Dish is still deciding on whether they should place a bid on T-Mobile, sources of Reuters claim that if Sprint were to make a move, Dish would definitely not be sitting by idly and will most probably make a bid of their own then as well. Unsurprisingly the folks at Dish, T-Mobile, and Deutsche Telekom have declined to comment on the rumor. What do you guys make of this latest rumor? Would Dish make a better candidate for T-Mobile, or would you prefer that Sprint be the one to acquire the company?

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