Google chairman Eric Schmidt likes to talk about the future. Just read the book he co-wrote with Jared Cohen, titled The New Digital Age. It details how modern technology will be used in the years to come and the theories certainly make for an interesting read. He now makes predictions about 2014 and believes that “everyone is going to have a smartphone.” Schmidt says that the trend has been that mobile computing was winning, “it’s now won,” he says, in a video interview conducted by Bloomberg TV.

He also talks about “big data and machine intelligence,” which will drive a new crop of services and apps, allowing people to do so much more than they are able to do today. Schmidt is also of the view that data has the capability to change businesses around the globe. According to him the biggest disruptions expected next year are going to be in the field of genetics, “we don’t really know what’s going to happen,” says the Google chairman. These disruptions would give away to new discoveries in diagnostics and treatment of cancer in the coming year, which he calls unfathomably important. In the end Schmidt talks about social networking and believes it will continue to rise in the coming year, he calls not anticipating the rise of social networking phenomenon his “biggest mistake,” one that they’re not going to make again.

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