Screenshot_2013-12-17-20-25-15We know many Facebook users have been pestering the social network to release a “dislike” button, and while that might not be happening anytime soon (a “sympathize” button appears to be more likely), Facebook has since released what looks like a somewhat suitable alternative in the form of a “dislike” sticker. The stick is basically a thumbs down sign and can be accessed via the Facebook Messenger app under the “Likes” sticker set. While this sticker cannot be used to express dislike of a post, it can be used in chats which we suppose is better than nothing for now. The sticker pack is free for download so go ahead and check it out.

Facebook introduced stickers to its Messenger service a while back and seems to be competing with the likes of LINE which also offers it users sticker packs to express a variety of emotions, not to mention it also ties in with pop culture and the latest trends, where users can spend real money on purchasing said sticker packs. However as it stands, Facebook does not charge for their sticker packs yet, but we suppose if it starts to catch on, we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook begins to monetize it. So what do you guys say? Will this dislike sticker do for now?

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