batman-golf-cartBruce Wayne certainly looks like someone who needs a hobby – a real one, and also to participate in more social sports without breaking anyone’s bones or dislocating their joints with his intimate knowledge of martial arts and armed combat. Since he is a multi-billionaire, it goes without saying that surely he needs to be involved in the world of golf, one way or another? Golf has been perceived by many to be a rich man’s game for the longest time already, and it is also on the greens where many new business partnerships and friendships are forged. Well, should Bruce Wayne choose to tee off with Commissioner Gordon in the day time, perhaps it would be best if he went about this unique golf cart.

Of course, this is not going to appear in an upcoming Batman movie, but rather, it is the handiwork of a certain Batman fan. Plenty of love has gone into it, that is for sure, and needless to say, it might just be petitioned to be mass produced although I do not think that this will be a possibility anytime soon. After all, isn’t golf supposed to be a gentleman’s game, so having something that looks out of the norm, no matter how high tech looking it is, would be out of place.

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