iphone-5s-review-014When it comes to online shopping, do you prefer to use your mobile device or would you prefer to log onto a PC? Well if the recent statistics provided by IBM’s Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub is any indication, it would seem as though iOS is the platform of choice when it comes to online shopping, with the results showing that online shopping done on iOS devices accounted for 83% of sales, and was around 5 times more than Android devices. IBM reports that iOS drove 23% of sales versus Android’s 4.6%.


The report also revealed that iOS users tended to spend more on their purchases, with an average of $93.94 per order, compared to Android users who spent about $48.10 per order. It was also found that tablet users tended to pay more when they shopped online compared to smartphone users, with an average of $95.61 versus $85.11 for smartphone shoppers. These are some pretty interesting statistics and while they might not necessarily tell the whole story, it is pretty compelling nonetheless.

In the meantime what do you guys make of it? Is there a particular reason why iOS users tend to prefer shopping on their mobile devices and spend more, at least when compared to Android?

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