Million-ShortWhen you perform a search, say on Google, chances are what you are looking for is usually in the first page or two, and anything beyond that is simply not worth perusing. However what if sometimes what you are looking for are on pages that aren’t popular, simply because its owner does not know about SEO? Well that’s where experimental search engine, Million Short, comes in. The website, instead of displaying the most popular websites on its first page, will instead list smaller websites as it removes results from popular websites on the internet.

One of examples is above where the search for Facebook does not actually link you to Facebook, but rather websites that talk about Facebook or mention it. We’re not sure what the point of this is, perhaps as an alternative for those who really can’t find what they are looking for on popular search engines like Google or Yahoo, and want to give smaller websites a chance. Perhaps it can also be used by websites to see how popular they are. In any case if you’d like to take it for a spin, hit up the Million Short website for the details and let us know how the search results are treating you!

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