xboxone-ozBoth the Sony PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One seem to be tangled in a bitter fight with one another, and there will be different victors in various regions around the world. What I can say about the Xbox One is this, in Australia, it seemed to have emerge as the victor in the first sales round against the PS4. This particular bit of information was gleaned from the statistics department of retail sales research firm NPD Group, where they claimed that 65,917 units of the Xbox One console actually moved within its first three days in Australia, which is a whole lot less than the 1 million figure we saw Stateside. Still, the Australian Financial Review claims that this 60-plus thousand consoles sold happen to be a new record where console launches are concerned in that part of the world, doubling the amount of its previous record holder, the Nintendo Wii, which launched in 2006.

Sony has preferred to remain mum about the number of PS4 units sold in its first few days after release in Australia, and chances are it is less than the Xbox One. How much less, we do not know, but if it is more, we are quite sure that Sony would not miss out on this gilt edged chance to make such an announcement.

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