The age of smart TVs is upon us with a number of major manufacturers already having thrown their hats in the ring. Samsung is one of the companies that has a major presence in the smart TV market and it is due to make a number of related announcements at the CES 2014 next month. The company has announced that its 2014 smart TVs will come with enhanced features that will increase usability. The company will showcase one such 2014 smart TV at CES 2014.

Samsung’s voice interaction service, which is capable of understanding natural languages, is available in 11 countries right now and next year it will be expanded in 12 additional markets. The service has been enhanced to focus on frequently used functions and usage patterns of the users. Changing the channel will get easier as well, users will simply need to say the channel number as opposed to giving the “Channel Change” and “Channel Number” commands right now. Motion control gets enhanced with the introduction of a “finger gesture” feature that lets users change channels, adjust volume and search through content using just their fingers. Motioning the fingers counterclockwise takes users back to the previous screen or stops the video. Samsung is also expected to make a number of other exciting announcements at the show, we certainly look forward to all of them.

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