samsung-touchwiz-patent-2While large screen phones are great for surfing the web, watching videos, and playing games, there are times when it might actually be a hindrance. For example one handed use might not be possible for those with small hands, which is why Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 actually comes with a tiny screen mode which actually shrinks the user interface for when one handed use is necessary. Well it looks like Samsung might be thinking of taking this to the next level, thanks to a patent which shows one of the ways users can interact with a device one handed.

According to the patent, this system would allow smartphone users to define an area of comfort which is basically how far their thumbs are able to stretch as you can see in the drawing above. From there apps will be reduced to fit into that comfort zone. The patent goes beyond just vertical mode and will look into various orientations as well, including angled use. This is a particularly good idea because while the tiny mode on the Note 3 can be handy, perhaps there are those who wish for it to be slightly bigger at the same time, so by adding a comfort zone, it will be able to cater to hands of all sizes.

Of course there’s no telling if Samsung will ever realize this patent, but it’s still a good idea nonetheless. What do you guys think?

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