Samsung is believed to shake up things next year. It is rumored that the company has lowered its smartphone sales expectations for the coming year, down to just 330 million units. Furthermore, it has also been said that Samsung will focus more on low-end devices and tablets, and that it might also bring back tablets with AMOLED displays. As per the latest rumors, to make up for the reduced smartphone sales, the company might increase its focus on making smartphone accessories and peripherals next year.

The reason for this is believed to be very simple, the company wants to maintain profitability. While it might expect smartphone demand to slow down, particularly in the high-end segment, demand for accessories such as cases, covers and batteries is likely to increase. Which is why Samsung might focus on making more accessories so as to generate more profit. Peripherals are also expected to receive special attention next year. Having already released a smartwatch this year, Samsung is already believed to be working on its Galaxy Gear successor. Furthermore, the company is also said to have a device called Gear Glass under the wraps, this is believed to be a Google Glass rival. Samsung hasn’t officially revealed its product map for 2014, but if these rumors hold any weight, we can expect the company to embark down a slightly different road in the coming months.

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