auroraLucid dreaming is when you dream and you are able to control what goes on in your dream, sort of like living out an alternative life we suppose. Unfortunately not everyone has the ability to experience lucid dreaming, although some claim that they are able to enter it willingly. Well if you’re hoping to experience what the fuss over lucid dreaming is all about, you might be interested in checking out the Aurora headband, a project put together by iWinks which supposedly will allow its wearer to enter into a lucid dream state.

This is achieved through the headband which comes with a series of flashing lights as well as audio recordings, all of which is said to help the wearer enter a lucid dream state. However apart from merely providing wearers with opportunity of experiencing what a lucid dream is all about, the Aurora headband will also act as an alarm clock. As it is able to measure eye movement, it will be able to detect when the wearer is in a light sleep state, as opposed to a deep sleep state, which might make it harder to wake up, as well as the added feeling of tiredness and grogginess that comes from waking up from a deep sleep.

As it stands the Aurora headband is a Kickstarter project which has managed to exceed its initial goal of $90,000, and with 25 days to go, perhaps there is a chance it could even meet its stretch funding of $300,000.If you’d like to learn more or perhaps pledge a donation, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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