casemod10When it comes to modding our PCs, for the most part the average modder would probably toss in a couple of extra LED lights, a couple more fans for extra cooling, or for the slightly more serious modder, perhaps a liquid cooling system as well. However we have in the past seen some more hardcore mods in which the end result looks more like a piece of art, rather than an actual computer, and it is safe to say that we can add Japanese designer, Hiroto Ikeuchi’s piece to that list. Upon a cursory glance you could be forgiven for not being able to tell that the masterpiece pictured above is in fact a complete PC setup, with a keyboard, monitor, CPU tower, a desk lamp, and even a webcam, all of which are camouflaged under a plethora of army miniatures.

Ikeuchi actually spent a good part of 2012 building this mod and was reportedly inspired by the likes of Gundam and Macross. The attention to detail here is astounding as it would seem that every single part of the mod is covered, with the keyboard even undergoing a more rugged and military look to help it blend in with the rest of the setup. Also if you’re wondering where is the mouse, well it’s right in front of you, only except that it has been disguised to look like a tank, along with a handful of USB flash drives which have also been disguised to resemble military objects. At the moment Ikeuchi’s masterpiece is only display at the Ars Electronica Center in Austria, with Ikeuchi is already planning his next piece.

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