sonos-play1-association-640When Sonos asked us what kind of objects or places we would associate their Sonos:Play1 WiFi speaker with (read our hands-on with the Play:1), a rush of ideas came to mind. It’s not easy to choose since the Sonos is a very compact speaker that can be used to stream music directly from the local network or web services in any place that has a WiFi connection. That said, life is about making choice and here what stuck with us:

First, it’s the devices! After all, the Sonos:Play 1 is meant to be controlled by a smart device such as a smartphone (like the iPhone 5S) or a tablet (such as this Android LG Pad 8.3) or a computer not unlike this Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro that can also turn into a 13” tablet.

Once we are firmly in control of what we listen, the second thing that stuck in our minds was “comfort”. Whether it is at the office, during a sunny afternoon lounge moment, or while reading a book, we believe that sound quality is best appreciated in a cushy and calm environment. This doesn’t mean that we’re not up for a good party – but there is a difference between noise and music.

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