apple-iwatch-concept-2Wearable technology seems to be the latest trend these days, what with companies coming up with head gear and smartwatches. We’ve seen our fair share at CES 2014 but will devices like smartwatches actually catch on and become a thing? Well according to analyst Brian White, they will, but only after Apple’s iWatch has been released, suggesting that the rumored iWatch could be the catalyst to kicking off the smartwatch trend. In a way this is a rather arrogant point of view as it suggests that no one else will be able to create a smartwatch that is compelling enough to stir up a buying frenzy, but admittedly it does not seem like customers are overly eager to take out their wallets to purchase the devices either.

According to White, “In our view, the unveiling of useful wearable technology products that focused on the wrist (i.e., fitness bands, smartwatches) at this year’s [CES] show brought legitimacy to the wearable space […] That said, we believe it will take Apple’s launch of the anticipated ‘iWatch’ to drive a more meaningful adoption rate.” What do you guys think of White’s analysis? Will the launch of the iWatch be what kicks off the demand and desire to own such products? Or do you think that customers are holding back from making purchases now because of Apple’s rumored iWatch?

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