apple-iwatch-concept-2We have all heard the rumors that Apple could be working on a wearable device called the iWatch, which has also been rumored for a release later this year as well, but we have also heard the rumors that Apple could have run into manufacturing issues with the device that may or may not impact its release date, and it seems that that is not all the hurdles that Apple has faced with the iWatch. According to a report from The Information, they are claiming that Apple has faced numerous obstacles in the creation of the iWatch, which hopefully does not mean that it will be delayed from a release this year.

For starters it seems that initial prototypes yielded poor battery life due to its display technology, which has reportedly caused Apple to go back to the drawing board and looking for alternatives, although the report did not mention what kind of display technology we might be able to expect. Apple also reportedly cancelled production of iWatch components with one of their suppliers last year, although whether Apple has managed to get it back on track is unclear. These sort of problems aren’t necessarily exclusive to Apple as we’re sure other companies face a lot of hurdles and issues when trying to create a new product, but whether or not these issues ultimately affect the iWatch’s release date remains unknown.

Either way we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more information regarding the iWatch, and with 2014 being the year of wearable technology, Apple will be launching a product into a highly competitive market.

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