1390326696-md-OG_AA704_Forres_G_20140117180004When it comes to a company that makes you happy, which is it? Apple? Microsoft? Sony? Samsung? Well in the latest customer satisfaction survey, it has been found that Apple actually placed fourth in Forrester Research’s customer satisfaction survey. Based on the numbers, Sony actually took the lead with a score of 83, followed Samsung and Microsoft who tied at 82, followed by Apple with a score of 81, all of which are admittedly pretty close to one another. However it seems that none of these companies managed to beat out the likes of Amazon who score around the 85 mark, which according to Forrester Research meant that the company had entered into “Excellent” territory.

Sony’s customer satisfaction has actually been on the rise since 2012, jumping by around 10 points from two years ago. Both Samsung and Microsoft were rebounding from short dips and while Apple has been on the rise over the past year, it seems that they weren’t growing enough in the customer satisfaction department to beat out their rivals, Samsung, Microsoft, and Sony, and the way the graph is depicted, it looks like Apple will keep getting beat out by the rest unless something drastic happens, either on their end or on the end of the competition. In the meantime what do you guys think? Do you agree with the findings?

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