iwatch-sThere has been plenty of speculation about a possible iWatch from Apple, and we have also reported on how the iWatch is allegedly facing manufacturing issues, facing a fair number of obstacles of its own as well. Well, why not go the whole nine yards by working on a concept of the (as of right now) mythical iWatch? The above is a conceptual render of the iWatch S, and whenever there is an iWatch S, you know for sure that the iWatch C is not too far behind.

This latest bunch of concept renders do make the iWatch look a whole lot like an iPhone, which would not be too far out of place. After all, it is the same company that churns out the iWatch, and we cannot wait to hear an official announcement concerning a smartwatch from Apple. After all, do you think that Apple would release something that might snatch away the spotlight from its bread and butter on the mobile front – the iPhone? So far, some rumors surrounding the iPhone 6 (as it is called at the moment) have already appeared. Do you think that an iWatch would actually be separated into two different categories like the current generation of iPhones?

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