rocketsDon’t you just hate it when your earphones either break or keep falling out of your ear? A lot of companies have in the past attempted to correct that, but because everyone’s ears are shaped differently, the success of such devices are hit and miss, unless of course you were to get an earpiece custom designed for you. Those options are expensive and companies such as Logitech charges thousands for such solutions with their UE lineup. Perhaps looking to succeed where others has failed are Aurisonic who have announced the successful funding of their Rockets IEMs on Kickstarter.

So what makes the Rockets earphones so different from the rest? Well Aurisonics does not appear to be holding back when it comes to durability and strength of these earphones. For starters the shells of the  earphones will be made from titanium, not only making it incredibly strong, but light-weight as well. The cables are made from Kevlar meaning that they should be able to withstand the abuse of daily use, and are anchored by Kevlar at 3 points to the shell meaning that it should solve the problem of broken connections. To top things off, the Rockets will be waterproof as well, meaning you will be able to take them with you on a workout and it should not be affected by sweat.

So with durability out of the way, what about fit? According to Aurisonics, the Rockets IEMs will feature a tri-tab silicon retention collar that will grab onto the inner parts of your ear, allowing for a more secure fit, which the company believes you can even sleep with them out without worrying about it falling out. Also because of their design, much like other IEMs, you can actually listen to music with the volume down as they go deeper than regular earphones or headphones, which will provide a safer listening experience. As it stands Aurisonics’ Kickstarter project is a success but if you’d like to learn more or grab a pair, hit up their Kickstarter page for the details.

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