TMobileNoBB10-e1389217077574Back in 2013 we reported on the rumors that T-Mobile might no longer be interested in carrying BlackBerry devices anymore. The reason? Well apparently disappointing BlackBerry sales have apparently been a pretty compelling reason, and it looks like those rumors could be coming true. The folks at N4BB have recently attempted to purchase a BlackBerry device via T-Mobile’s online store, and a cursory search for BlackBerry phones yielded only one device, the BlackBerry Curve 9315 which was launched about a year ago. Pretty strange as you might think that at the very least the carrier would offer BlackBerry’s latest handsets, right?

Perhaps some of you guys think it could be a glitch in the system or database where the results are only returning a single product, but when they called T-Mobile directly to enquire about this, they were told by the representative that they were no longer selling BlackBerry devices. Of course the person who told them might have only been a customer service rep who might not know the full story, but as it stands T-Mobile has yet to comment on this, but hopefully they will and we will be able to learn more about this soon. T-Mobile has recently launched Uncarrier 4.0 making it incredibly tempting for customers to jump ship, but with the carrier potentially ignoring one platform entirely, BlackBerry fans might have less reasons to make the switch.

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